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Today’s the calmest day of the week – watching severe risk Tuesday, especially Wednesday

Another very warm day for late April is upon us with temperatures in the upper 80s expected inland; a couple 90 degree readings wouldn’t be far-fetched either. Closer to the coast, the cooler Atlantic waters will keep temperatures moderated into the upper 70s to low 80s. The seabreeze may kick off a storm or two as well, but most will stay dry. All in all, today will likely be more reminiscent of late May than late April.

This week looks pretty unsettled, with shower and thunderstorm chances ramping up Tuesday-Thursday. We all need to pay attention to Wednesday (and if you’re further inland, Tuesday as well) for the potential for strong to severe thunderstorms. It’s not a bad idea to review your severe weather plan — it is Spring, after all — and make sure your reliable weather sources (NOAA Weather Radio, smartphone app of choice, etc.) are in good working order. More on this later this evening…

Tornado watch no longer in effect

This tornado watch is no longer in effect.

A tornado watch is up until 9PM for the Tri-County area. Right now most of the Tri-County is dry; however, conditions along and ahead of an advancing “wedge front” — the leading edge of a high pressure wedge being re-established inland thanks to rain-cooled air — are becoming increasingly favorable for a few tornadoes along with straight-line damaging winds.

Stay attuned to reliable weather sources such as NOAA Weather Radio, local media, the National Weather Service ( for updates or possible warnings.

Severe weather risk this afternoon

This morning’s weather data is lending increased confidence to a risk for isolated severe thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening. Damaging straight-line winds will be the main concern, though isolated tornadoes are not out of the question. NWS will have an even better idea once our morning weather balloon is away.

Stay weather-aware this afternoon and be on the lookout for potential severe weather watches or warnings if they are required (gut feeling is that we could be put under a watch at some point later this morning or in the early afternoon).

Remember, social media is great, but should be a supplement to a balanced severe weather information diet. NOAA Weather Radio and these additional tools will help keep you in the loop on this and any other severe weather day.